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Evil Within DLC has more depth, scares

Apr 2, 2015

By Alexander Cattani - G4 Canada

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The Evil Within: The AssignmentShinji Mikami's spine-tingling gore fest The Evil Within frightened me more times than I care to mention. It brought relentless scares and showcased a beautifully realized world that oozed atmosphere. Though, due to a flat protagonist and some technical setbacks, it didn't quite jump start life into the survival horror genre as some had hoped. Nevertheless, it was a memorable and tense romp that I'd gladly journey through again.

The first piece of post release content for The Evil Within comes in the form of The Assignment, the debut chapter in a two-parter that revolves around Julia Kidman, a supporting character that played a significant role in the original title.

The Evil Within: The AssignmentJulia's clandestine escapade runs parallel to the events of the main game and sheds some much needed light upon the overall narrative of The Evil Within. Her ulterior motives were one of the more interesting things taking place in the original story, so it was all the more fascinating to see what exactly transpired from her point of view.

Without giving anything away, let's just say that things go from mysterious to downright baffling by the end of the DLC's four hour run. Shadowy secrets begin to unravel as we see what Julia's true purpose is but in typical episodic fashion, things ramp up just as the events abruptly end. While slightly annoyed, I am tremendously excited to see how things pan out in The Consequence, the follow-up episode set for release later this spring.

The Evil Within: The AssignmentIn terms of character, Julie outshines original protagonist, Sebastian, in about every way possible. She's far more clever, dynamic, and most of all, more human. Julie possesses a passionate conviction that immediately had me engrossed. Though, up-staging the original lead isn't exactly a hard thing to do considering the bland archetypal character that he was. It's still refreshing to assume the role of someone with depth. Julie not only differs from Sebastian in character, but also in approach to scenarios.

The Evil Within: The AssignmentA majority of the time spent in The Assignment involves sneaking around and avoiding confrontation. For the most part, Julia is weaponless and has nothing more than a flashlight at her disposal. Playing as such a vulnerable character adds a sense of helplessness, something that the original game lacked. In this regard, The Assignment is a true survival horror experience, and a great one at that.

If you enjoyed your time skulking through the decrepit nightmare simulator that was 2014's The Evil Within, you owe it to yourself to give The Assignment a go. It's narratively superior and more intense. Here's hoping the follow up, The Consequence, concludes the story of Julia Kidman.

The Evil Within: The Assignment The Evil Within: The Assignment
Format: PS4
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Tango Softworks
ESRB Rating: M for Mature (17+)
Official Site:

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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