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New Geometry Wars ramps up the difficulty

Sept 2, 2015

By Alexander Cattani - G4 Canada

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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions EvolvedGeometry Wars, the frantic neon drenched twin stick shooter, has returned to reclaim its throne. Now with the word “Evolved” added to its title, Vita owners can now enjoy the series’ latest entry. 

Dimensions marks the sixth installment, as well as the first time 3D has been thrown into the mix. While ambitious, some of these new features fail to surpass the elegant simplicity that entrenched the series so many years ago. 

You’re likely to spend a majority of your time in Dimensions playing the adventure mode.  The progression of the games main mode likens to that of the IOS and Android variety, though not rife with micro transactions of course. The adventure mode starts you off on a winding and weaving path of blocks. Each block is a level that features a certain game mode coupled with a unique level.  After each level, your performance will be assessed via a ranking out of three stars. After successfully completing certain levels, a boss fight unlocks and that will test your patience, agility and timing. 

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions EvolvedAdventure mode is the ideal way to familiarize yourself with the various game modes and levels within Geometry Wars.  While the varied level selection is welcome, some stages, specifically those of the spherical and geometrical variety, can prove problematic to play on. This is due mainly in part to there being no defined edges on the level, thus restricting the players vision. 

When an enemy is destroyed, a small green geom will be dropped in its place. This geom will slowly coast around the level until picked up. Once acquired, it will increase your overall score. Grabbing these geoms is all but essential to those looking to establish their dominance amongst the leader boards. Though, when playing on a level that has no clear edge or corner, finding these geoms and even avoiding enemies is harder than usual. 

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions EvolvedMore often than not, I careened into my colourful particle effect ridden death over and over, due to not knowing what was on the underside of the spherical level I happened to be playing on. I eventually familiarized myself with how some of the levels were designed and managed to curb my unwarranted death count by a few, but I still felt as if certain levels were included merely to fit the games subtitle, rather than to enhance gameplay. 

For those who aren’t too keen on features that extend beyond basic multi-directional shooting, Classic Mode has got you covered. As the name implies, Classic Mode features a more stripped down experience that trades in the newly added alterations for a more modest mode of play. Alternately, a Hardcore mode is also available for those really looking to dial up the challenge and is as every bit as punishing as it sounds. 

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions EvolvedIt comes as no surprise the Vita port of the title suffers the most when it comes to performance and presentation. The occasional frame rate hitch is to be noticed every now and then, but it doesn’t put a damper on the gameplay as each occurrence is infrequent enough to forgive. 

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved offers solid fun for Vita owners. Though some of levels are difficult to play on due to their design, this frenetic series still manages to provide some of the most top tier multi-directional shooting on the market. 


Xenoblade Chroincles Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
Format: PlayStation Vita
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Developer: Lucid Games
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone
Official Site:

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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