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Fallout’s 'Automatron' is all about the bots

Apr 26, 2016

By Alexander Cattani - G4 Canada

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FalloutBethesda’s Automatron is the first of the post release pieces of DLC to be released for last year’s Fallout 4. The maniacal villain known befittingly as The Mechanist has dispatched a litany of scrapped together robots upon the Commonwealth. Now, it’s up to the Lone Wanderer to terminate said mechanical foes and bring order back to the wasteland or as much order as you can possibly bring to a post-nuclear shell of a city.

FalloutAs one can discern from the title, Automatron’s narrative falls on the more comical side of things. It’s campy, over dramatized tone is amusing and The Mechanist’s exaggerated delivery is sure to draw some chuckles but in comparison to the exceptionally written dialogue of some of the quests of Fallout 4’s base game, such as The Silver Shroud and The Last Voyage of the USS Constitution, the quest line in Automatron feels very much of the B-tier.

For those looking for a more substantial narrative in their Fallout DLC, the upcoming Far Harbour DLC looks to scratch that itch. Upon completion, it was clear to me that Automatron essentially serves to introduce a new mechanic, while sprinkling some narrative tidbits in for good measure.

FalloutFallout 4’s deep arsenal tweaking components were amongst the more welcome additions to the series, unlike the titles divisively received settlement management system. Automatron thankfully expands on the base game's item customization segments and in a unique fashion as well. Instead of weaponry being the vessel for your creativity this time around, gamers will now have the ability to tinker with robots to their heart’s content. After you eradicate a mechanical adversary, you now have the ability to harvest their parts and create a robotic menace of your own. Your mechanical makings will then patrol your settlement, ready to vaporize, incinerate and slash any unwelcome company that trots in.

Much like tailoring your arsenal, robot customization can grow rather deep and with that complexity, comes fixation. I wasn’t happy with my mechanical creations until they mirrored the exact blueprint that I had in mind. Destroying, looting and returning back to my settlement to swap out parts in hopes of creating a machine deadlier than the last is great, creative fun.

FalloutIn addition to beefing up your settlement's security, robotic companions can also be brought with you on the road. Meandering the charred terrain of Boston is only made more enjoyable when you’re accompanied by a robotic confidant of your own design. While personally appealing, the aforementioned mechanic could easily be of no interest to someone who’s primarily interested in the questing side of Fallout, rather than the customization.

Automatron is a worthy first debut for Fallout 4’s hopefully comprehensive DLC plans. I wouldn’t classify Automatron as a season pass seller but it served as an amusing distraction and added even more content to a game already teeming with it.


Fallout 4: Automatron
Format: PlayStation 4
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
ESRB Rating: M for Mature
Official Site:

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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